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Acrylic Crazing or Cracking

Acrylic that suddenly changes in appearance like this is due to a chemical reaction. Acrylic is a product that is made from fossil fuels. When it comes in contact with a high viscosity chemical such as most household cleaning agents, paint fumes, hair dye, toe polish remover, denatured alcohol or any CFC based compressed can fumes this will cause the acrylic to stress and if the chemical is in direct contact with the acrylic it could cause it to crack or have a pealing effect. It is import to realize that the skimmers we produce pull huge amounts of air through them. It is almost like a small vacuum cleaner running at all times pulling air from throughout the home. When you are working with these harsh chemicals in or around your home simply turn the skimmer off until all the fumes are gone out of the environment.
We are not held liable for any acrylic damage due to this crazing effect unless you receive the skimmer in that condition and it has not been used. If you receive a skimmer that has what appears to be defects in the acrylic or a crazing effect and you have not used the skimmer contact us and we will exchange it for you. If you notice that your skimmer does have this crazing effect after it has been setup and running for sometime it does not affect the performance of the skimmer in anyway. While it may not look as pretty as it once did while new it will still function the same. It is important however that you find out the cause of the acrylic crazing and make sure not to continue using the chemicals around the skimmer. Continued use of these damaging chemicals can cause the acrylic to start a pealing process which will deteriorate the material to a point it will break in pieces.X