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Bubble Blaster Skimmer Pump

  • 27100


Advance ceramic lets the pump run even when it is dry.

Instead of using traditional clay or metal, Silicon Nitride is carefully mixed for its properties giving the best shock resistance among ceramics. Its hardness results in 80% less friction as compared to metal.

Circuits to monitor the pump 24/7.

A digital circuit board embedded in the pump controls the speed of the impeller, directional start up and shuts the pump off when it detects a problem.??

Stronger magnet. Less electrical power consumption

While our competitors increase the electrical input to make??more powerful pumps. We use powerful magnets and reduce electrical consumption. Rare earth magnets has the highest saturation of magnetism as compared to any other magnets. China produces more than 95% of rare earth elements in the world.



??Model Air Intake (l/hr) Watts (W) Intlet (mm) Outlet (mm)
HY-1000S 540 15 ??25 ??20
HY-5000S 2100 40 ??40 ??25
HY-10000S 3900 100 ??40 ??40

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